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Ready-to-Eat Food Processing Plant
This processing area is dedicated to processing and packaging ready-to-eat product (that is, product that does not require any further processing by the consumer before consumption). Like the raw area, there are two entrances: one for employees and another for product. This area also has two (2) cooling units to maintain refrigeration and features easily sanitized walls, ceilings and floors.
Ready-to-Eat Food Processing Facility  
Flexibility is critical in this room as well, and equipment is on casters for easy changeover to different products. Again, up to three lines can run in this room at one time. The ready-to-eat room also utilizes an automatic doorway foaming unit, strict hygiene protocols and equipment sanitizing stations.
Ready-to-Eat Food Processing Services
However, because the product in this room is ready-to-eat, extra steps are taken to insure food safety. Special boot washes, hand washing procedures and personnel clothing are required in this area. As you can see, this room is color coded ―blue‖. Employees wear blue smocks and gear when in this room. Even the trash receptacles are blue in this area.
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